One of SSHoP’s most important contributions to the promotion of photography as a medium has been its publication Studies in Photography.

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Studies in Photography 2019 Edition II

This issue of Studies in Photography is the second of a two part discussion on the world of collecting.

  • Prince Albert, Photography and Scotland (Article by Helen Trompeteler)
  • Photography and the Artist Book, Helen Douglas in conversation with Alex Hamilton (Interview by Alex Hamilton)
  • 30th anniversary of Street Level Photoworks (Interview by John Farrell)
  • The Eyes’ Intelligence (Article by Sara Stevenson)
  • The Photographic Collection of the National Trust for Scotland (Article by Ben Reiss)
  • An Island Collection: A Digitisation and Documentation Case Study at the National Trust for Scotland (Article by Lily Barnes)
  • Printing without reversal in John Muir Wood’s photography (Article Paul Muir Wood)
  • New Contemporaries: Csilla Kozma, Sekai Machache, Kate Soltan, Oana Stanciu
  • Reviews: To be seen by others, Cindy Sherman: Early Works, 1975-80, Only With the Heart David Pratt, Photography and the Doctor: John Adamson of St Andrews by A.D. Morrison-Low and David Bruce, The Linda McCartney Retrospective, Scotland in 3D A Victorian Virtual Reality Tour by Peter Blair
  • Editors Choice: Malika Booker and Graham Fagen
  • Writer’s Choice: Nietzsche Without a Moustache by Ewan Morrison
  • Curator’s Choice: ‘as fine as anything I have ever seen’ by Blake Milteer

Studies in Photography 2019 Edition I

This edition of Studies in Photography launches a two-part exploration of Collections and Collecting.

  • New Contemporaries: Sylwia Kowalczyk (Interview by Alex Hamilton)
  • From Private to Public: The MacKinnon Collection and The National Galleries of Scotland – National Library of Scotland Partnership (Article by Blake Milteer)
  • ‘Documents and Archives: Photography Of, At and In the 1970 Strategy: Get Arts Exhibition’ (Article by Karen Barber)
  • Chick Chalmers: A Case Study (Article by Robin Gillanders)
  • Women, Children and Men, Hannah Starkey Photographs 1997 – 2017 (Book Review by Roberta McGrath)
  • Photography and the poisoners Part 1 Madeleine Smith (Article by A.D. Morrison-Low)
  • Self Evidence: photographs by Woodman, Arbus and Mapplethorpe (Exhibition Review by Dana MacFarlane)
  • Don Paterson (Poem)
  • Venetia Menzies: Only the beginning of looking (Article by Venetia Menzies)
  • Reviews: Nalini by Arpita Shah, Street Life, History and Archive by Robert Blomfield, Lee Miller: A Life with Food Friends & Recipes by Ami Bouhassane and Photography and the Art Market, by Juliet Hacking, Sotheby’s Institute of Art.
  • Artist’s Choice: Still Life – Shower Hose, Margaret Watkins by Alison Watt
  • Writer’s Choice: Peitaw, Khadija Saye by Denise Mina

Studies in Photography 2018 Edition II

This issue of Studies in Photography discuss the current role of Photography in our society.

  • Higher Vision: Year of Young People Exhibition (Aayushi Gupta)
  • Camera culture and magazine culture (Article by David Brittain)
  • Paul Strand Outer Hebrides (Article by Don Fitzpatrick)
  • The Photogravure: Photographic Art in Ink (Article by Anne Hammond and Norman McBeath)
  • Bho Mhoch gu Dubh/From Dawn to Dusk (Article by Fiona J. Mackenzie)
  • Documenting island life, the view from Eigg (Article by Camille Dressler)
  • Writer’s choice – Mark Cousins.
  • Reviews of the exhibition David Eustace Still. Landscape. Life and books George Washington Wilson:
    Artist and Photographer (1823-93)
    by Roger Taylor and The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand by Geoff Dyer

Studies in Photography 2018 Edition I

This issue of Studies in Photography contributes to the continuing debates around photography and performance in their expanded fields and presents a number of case studies in a diverse and international range of work. This includes Greek funerary practices, Scottish Victorian portraiture, Belgian surrealist work, and the performative image surgery of the French artist ORLAN.

Contents include:

  • Photography and Performance
  • Photopoetry
  • Paul Nougé
  • Writer’s Choice – Janice Galloway

Studies in Photography 2017 Edition II

This issue features Pradip Malde’s 2017 Annual Photographer’s Lecture; Interview with Martin Parr about his recently published Scottish photographs; Sara Stevenson reviews Roger Fenton’s ‘Shadows of War’; Chrystal Lebas in conversation with Anne Lyden; Nineteenth century Scottish photographers abroad: Valentine & Co in Jamaica and John Thomson in China and features on: New Contemporaries and Writer’s Choice.

Studies in Photography 2017 Edition I

This edition has contributions from two of the most distinguished contemporary writers: the acclaimed author Michel Faber writes about photographs by his late wife, Eva Faber, and James Robertson selects an image for the feature, ‘Writer’s Choice’.

This issue also includes Peter Fraser in conversation with David Campany; David Williams’ thoughts on William Egglestone; an extract from the newly-published exhibition catalogue on Hill and Adamson by Anne Lyden, International Photography Curator from the National Galleries of Scotland; a review by David Eustace of the exhibition of highlights from the Elton John Collection at Tate Modern, and an exclusive interview with Amanda Catto of Creative Scotland.

Studies in Photography 2016 Edition II

This edition brings together articles, interviews and reviews, all of which – whilst diverse in subject-matter and approach – touch upon a central theme: the relationship between photography and painting.

Content featured in the journal include interviews to Carla van de Puttelaar and Arthur Watson, various Review Articles and two new regular features: Writer’s Choice and New Contemporaries.

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Studies in Photography 2016 Journal (Edition I: Anniversary Edition)

This Anniversary Edition takes as its inspiration the 1996 edition of Studies in Photography which featured the work of several photographers who exhibited in the seminal exhibition Light From the Dark Room at the National Galleries of Scotland in 1995.

Photographers featured in the journal include Robin Gillanders, Patricia Macdonald, Catriona Grant, David Williams, Calum Colvin, Owen Logan, Ron O’Donnell, Iain Stewart and Thomas Joshua Cooper.

Studies in Photography 2013

  • Blueprint 2013, the celebration of the cyanotype
  • Dr Mike Ware, Annan Lecture – ‘Cyanotype: a Blueprint for Visual Vandalism?’
  • Dr Frances Robertson’s lecture, ‘Blueprints as master plans: photomechanical reproduction, industrial duplication and the machine aesthetic
  • Sylvia Grace Borda – Artist’s Statement
  • Peter Kennard – Annual Photographer’s Lecture in 2012
  • Dr Helen Bennett – George Paxton Collection – Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
  • 30 Years – Department of Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art
  • Reviews: Josef Sudek: The Legacy of a Deeper Vision; Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II Captured in Color Photographs; and Travel and Photography.

Studies in Photography 2012

  • Ray McKenzie, Editorial
  • Karen Knorr, Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2011
  • James Robertson and Robin Gillanders, Annual Annan Lecture, 2012: The Word and the Image: narrative and fiction in photography
  • Roddy Simpson, Hill and Adamson: photographic evidence at the site of the Regent Moray’s assassination
  • Harry Gray, The Johnston Collection, Wick
  • Tom Normand, Reconfiguring Documentary Photography in a Globalised World: some contemporary projects from Scotland
  • The Jill Todd Trust and Photographic Award
  • Reviews: History of Photography in China 1842–1860; History of Photography in China: Western Photographers 1861–1879; Russian XIX Century Photographers: William Carrick: Scenes of Russian Life; The Photography of Victorian Scotland

Studies in Photography 2011

  • Ray McKenzie, Editorial
  • Simon Norfolk in conversation with Paul Lowe, Burke + Norfolk: Photographs from the War in Afghanistan
  • John R Hume, Annual Annan Lecture, 2011, Industrial Photography in Scotland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • James Downs, Shadows of the Truth: the photography of James Graham (1808–69)
  • Roddy Simpson, In the Round: Kodak circular prints
  • Nicky Bird, Assemblage: a toolkit with pictures
  • Reviews: Eyewitness: Hungarian Photography in the Twentieth Century; Through the Looking Glass – 40 Years of Street Photography; Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century; Photographers of the Western Isles, & The Beginning and the End of the World: St Andrews, Scandal and the Birth of Photography; Photography and Death

Studies in Photography 2010

  • Ray McKenzie, Editorial
  • Ron O’Donnell, Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2009
  • Joseph Mulholland, Annual Annan Lecture, 2010, A Sad, Strange Gleam of Vision: the life and work of Margaret Watkins
  • Roddy Simpson, Exposing Miss Mann
  • Katherine Tubb, ‘I made my own pictures’: Marta Astfalck-Vietz – forgotten firebrand of 1920s Berlin
  • Interview with Thomas Joshua Cooper – 20 April 2009
  • Euan McArthur, The Case of Yevtushenko’s Shoulder: the photography of Richard Demarco –– catalyst, participant, observer
  • Reviews: Points of View: Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs; The Heart of the Great Alone – Scott, Shackleton & Antarctic Photography; Seduced by Modernity: the Photography of Margaret Watkins; The Glenfinlas Cyanotypes 

Studies in Photography 2009

  • Ray McKenzie, Editorial
  • Roisin Reilly, Annual Annan Lecture, 2009
  • Tom Normand, Other Photographies, Different Histories: looking at photographs in Dunfermline
  • David Brittain, Magazines and Magazine Art
  • Sara Stevenson, Twenty-five years of the Scottish National Photography Collection
  • A D Morrison-Low, Photographic Collections at National Museums Scotland – a review of the past quarter century
  • Calum Colvin, Smoke and Mirrors: construction, trickery and surface in my work from a historical perspective
  • Andy Wiener, Life Story Work
  • Claire Wheeldon
  • Lucy Levene
  • Michael Mersinis, Finding Ithaca
  • Roddy Simpson, Archibald Burns – photographer of Old Edinburgh
  • Review: A study of James G. Tunny 1820-1887 (Photographer and Political Radical, Edinburgh).

Studies in Photography 2008

  • Ray McKenzie, Editorial
  • Brian Griffin, Annual Photographer’s Lecture, 2007
  • Oscar Marzaroli: an anniversary celebration. Annual Annan Lecture, 2008
  • Sara Stevenson, Photography and the Police – Glasgow 1854
  • James Downs, Out of the shadows: Iván Szabó (1822-58), a forgotten ‘photographic luminary’
  • The Craze for Crystoleums: how a maiden aunt occupied her time
  • Susan Payne and Paul Adair, Magnus Jackson and the Black Art: the happy marriage of old and new technology
  • Roddy Simpson, Subscribers to the prints of the Disruption Painting
  • Ray McKenzie, Obituary: Eric Watt (1934-2005)
  • Julia Papp, Hungarian Society for the History of Photography (MAFOT)
  • Reviews: Impressed by Light: British Photographs from Paper Negatives 1840-1860; Great Photographic Journeys – in the footsteps of 19th Century British Photographers; George D Valentine. A Nineteenth Century Photographer in New Zealand.

Studies in Photography 2007

  • Hulleah Tsinhnahijinnie, SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture, 2006.
  • Sara Stevenson, The Doctor, the Lady, and the Man who Printed his own Money. The Annan Lecture, 2007.
  • Fiona Myles, Discovering Thomas Keith’s Photographs.
  • John Hannavy, Thomas Keith – a Scottish Master.
  • Roddy Simpson, Evidence of Location in Images by Thomas Keith.
  • Dr Thomas Keith’s Paper on the Waxed Paper Process, 10 June 1856.
  • Fiona Myles, Dr Thomas Keith: A Selective Bibliography.
  • Julie Sheldon, Elizabeth Rigby and the Calotypes of Hill and Adamson.
  • Roddy Simpson, The Artist and the Engineer: the Friendship of David Octavius Hill and John Miller.
  • Tacye Phillipson, Forgotten Gems: Microphotographs as Jewellery.
  • An Episode in the Saltmarket, Glasgow, in 1870; incl. Guy Fulton McCrone, Antimacassar City, 1940 (extract).
  • Paula Summerly, Late 19th Century Clinical Photography in Glasgow.
  • Photographing Sputnik – a 50th Anniversary Tribute; incl. Morris Allan, ‘Our Sputnik Pictures Scooped the World,’ Dundee Evening Telegraph, 26 October 1965.
  • Reviews: Elizabeth Brayer, George Eastman: a Biography. University of Rochester Press, 2006 (A. D. Morrison-Low); L’Image d’après [The Image to Come: How Cinema Inspires Photographers]. Cinémathèque Française, Paris, 2007 (David Bruce)

Studies in Photography 2006

  • Mari Mahr, SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture, 2005.
  • William Buchanan, The Annans of Glasgow. The Annan Lecture, 2006.
  • Lilly Koltun, Photography and the Nation.
  • Paschal Downs OSB, ‘The delight of their existence’: the Photography of Horatio Ross of Rossie (1801-86).
  • Hugh Cheape, Herself and Green Maria: the Photography of M. E. M. Donaldson (1876-1958).
  • Paul Kenny in conversation with Sara Stevenson, 22 November 2005.
  • Sara Stevenson, Heinz Henisch.
  • Reviews: Arnaud Maillet, trans. Jeff Fort, The Claude Glass: Use and Meaning of the Black Mirror in Western Art. New York, 2004 (A. D. Morrison-Low); John Hannavy, Case Histories: The Presentation of the Victorian Photographic Portrait, 1840-1875. Woodbridge, Antique Collectors Club, 2005 (Damian Sutton); John Fowler, Mr Hill’s Big Picture. Edinburgh, St Andrew Press, 2006 (David Bruce); Bernard Finn, ed., Presenting Pictures. London, 2004 (A. D. Morrison-Low)

Studies in Photography 2005

  • Jane Brettle, Appearances. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2004.
  • Hilary Macartney, The Reproduction of Spanish Art: Hill and Adamson’s Calotypes and Sir William Stirling Maxwell’s ‘Annals of the Artists of Spain’ (1848).
  • Monica Thorp, William Henry Fox Talbot and the Edinburgh Connection, 1855-72.
  • Graham Smith, Elizabeth Garrett at St Andrews.
  • Niels Henriksen, Ernst Friedrich’s ‘War against War.’
  • Russ Young, Historical Pinhole.
  • Norma-Louis Thallon, You Cannae See It From The Road.
  • A. J. Anderson, Leaf from my Note-Book; from The ABC of Artistic Photography in Theory and Practice, (London, c. 1910).
  • Reviews: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dean Gallery, Edinburgh, 2005 (David Bruce); David Elliot, Summers Lang Syne: Scotland 1930 to 1959. The Photographs of John P Munn, Falkirk (Roddy Simpson); Allan Brodie, Andrew Sargent and Gary Winter, Seaside Holidays in the Past, London, English Heritage, 2005 (A. D. Morrison-Low)

Studies in Photography 2004

  • Roger Palmer, Appearances. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2003.
  • Calum Colvin, Photography at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.
  • David Williams, Edinburgh College of Art: Photography Course Statement.
  • Vaughan Judge, Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.
  • Jim Hamlyn and Colin Andrews, Photographic and Electronic Media at Gray’s School of Art.
  • Carole Baker, The B.A. (Hons) Photography, Film and Imaging course at Napier University.
  • Graham Smith, Photography at the University of St Andrews.
  • R. M. Callender, The Shandon Connection.
  • Michael R. G. Spiller, A Photohistory Coincidence.
  • A Game of Charades; from The adventures of Mr Verdant Green, by ‘Cuthbert Bede, BA.’
  • Reviews: Robin Gillanders, The Photographic Portrait. Newton Abbott, David & Charles, 2004 (Michael Russell); Fleeting Arcadias. Howden Park Centre, Livingston, 2003 (Roddy Simpson); Fay Godwin, Landmarks, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 2003-2004 (Roddy Simpson)

Studies in Photography 2002-2003
Proceedings of the D. O. Hill bicentenary Conference, ‘The Artful Use of Light,’ Edinburgh, May 2002.

  • David Bruce, First Impressions.
  • Hugh Miller, The Calotype.The Witness,’ 12 July 1843.
  • Larry Schaaf, Science, Art and Talent.
  • Murdo Macdonald, A Somewhat Bold Capriccio.
  • Sara Stevenson, The Calotypes.
  • Ray McKenzie, The Pre-photographic Printmaking Work of D. O. Hill.
  • Duncan Macmillan, The Disruption Painting.
  • William Buchanan, Rediscovering Hill and Adamson …
  • Mike Ware, On the Stability of Robert Adamson’s Salted Paper Prints.
  • K. Eremin, J. Tate, J. Berry, On the Chemistry of John and Robert Adamson’s Salted Paper Prints and Calotype Negatives.
  • Graham Smith, Imagination and the Genius of Antiquity at St Andrews.
  • A. D. Morrison-Low, Tripping the Light Fantastic: Henry Talbot and David Brewster.
  • Quentin Bajac, Hill and Adamson and France: 150 Years of Critical Approach.

Studies in Photography 2001-2002

  • Maud Sulter, Polaroid Portraits. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2002.
  • David Bruce, Exhibiting Mr Hill (Mr Adamson, and some others): a brief survey of the exhibitions participating in the D. O. Hill Bicentenary Festival.
  • John Hannavy, David Octavius Hill and the Artful Use of Light.
  • Ray McKenzie, Pictorialist Photography in Hungary: International Connections.
  • Lilly Koltun, A Portrait Gallery for Canada: Five Centuries of Subjects in a 21st-century Frame.
  • Reviews: Stirling in the Sixties: Photographs by A. D. S. MacPherson. Stirling, Smith Art Gallery and Museum, 2002 (Roddy Simpson); Penelope Curtis et al., Return to Life: A New Look at the Portrait Bust. Leeds, London, Edinburgh, 2000-2001 (Ray McKenzie).

Studies in Photography 2000-2001

  • David Bruce, David Octavius Hill Bicentenary Festival 2002.
  • Robin Gillanders, The Actual Photograph. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 2000.
  • Lori Pauli, Margaret Watkins: Making It Home.
  • A Summary Index to Articles, 1986-2000.
  • Reviews: Kathleen S. Howe, with Michael G. Wilson, Excursions Along the Nile: The Photographic Discovery of Ancient Egypt. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1993; and Kathleen S. Howe et al., Revealing the Holy Land: The Photographic Exploration of Palestine. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1997 (David Mackie); Philip Steadman, Vermeer’s Camera: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Masterpieces. Oxford University Press, 2001 (James Lawson); Robin Simon (ed.), Public Artist, Private Passions: The World of Edward Linley Sambourne. London, British Art Journal, 2001 (J. Malia Andrus); Sara Stevenson and Duncan Forbes, A Companion Guide to Photography at the National Galleries of Scotland. National Galleries of Scotland, 2001 (Roddy Simpson); Paul Strand, Tir a’Mhurain. Bradford, National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, 2001-2002 (Roddy Simpson).

Studies in Photography, 1999/2000

  • Zoltan Jokay, Looking out for Happiness. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 1999.
  • Rebecca Marr and Valerie Gillies, Men and Beasts: Wild Men and Domestic Animals of Scotland.
  • John Murray and John K. McGregor, Watermarks.
  • Keith Bell, ‘Just the kind of people Canada wants.’
  • Quentin Bajac, Fragments of Lady Matheson’s Work Considered.
  • Sara Stevenson, Calton Hill.
  • Review: Magna Brava: Magnum’s Women Photographers. National Galleries of Scotland, 1999 (Patricia Macdonald)

Studies in Photography, 1998

  • A. D. Morrison-Low, Robert Adamson, 1821-1848.
  • James Lawson, The Urban Landscape between Progress and Decay.
  • Lilly Koltun, Regalia of Conversion: the Hill and Adamson Portraits of the Reverend Peter Jones, or Kahkewaquonaby.
  • Calum Colvin, The Alchemical Canvas. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 1997.
  • Larry Schaaf, Henry Talbot’s First Exhibition in Scotland.
  • John Frew, The Reiach Surveys, 1934-1942.
  • Robin Gillanders, Obituary: Chick Chalmers.
  • Reviews: Richard Whelan et al., Robert Capa, Photographs. Philadelphia, Aperture, 1996 (David Mackie); David Bruce, Scotland the Movie. Edinburgh, Polygon, 1996 (Ray McKenzie); Ute Eskildsen et al., Ellen Auerbach: Berlin, Tel Aviv, London, New York. Munich and New York, Prestel, 1998 (Patricia Macdonald); Heinz K. Henisch and Bridget A. Henisch, Positive Pleasures: Early Photography and Humor. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998 (Sara Stevenson); Mark Hawarth-Booth, Photography: An Independent Art. Photographs from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1839-1996. Victoria and Albert Museum, 1997 (David Mackie); James Lawson, Sacred and Profane: Calum Colvin. National Galleries of Scotland, 1998 (Alan Woods); Robin Gillanders, Alec Finlay and Ian Hamilton Finlay, Little Sparta: A Portrait of a Garden, National Galleries of Scotland, 1998 (Murdo Macdonald).

Studies in Photography, 1997

  • Graham Smith, The Presentation of Eve Arnold for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science.
  • David Williams, Self Portrait. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 1996.
  • Anne Claxton, Robert Hay’s Expeditions to Egypt and his use of the Camera Lucida in the 1820s and 1830s.
  • Jennifer Melville, An Album of Photographs compiled by Sir John Everett Millais.
  • William Buchanan, J. Craig Annan Walks Again: The Photographic Convention Visits Glasgow, 1898.
  • Gunnie Moberg, Photographing George Mackay Brown.
  • Mark Johnston: extracts from an interview with James Lawson.
  • Tricia Malley, A Prize-Winning Photograph.
  • Reviews: August Sander, London, National Portrait Gallery, 1997 (Halla Beloff); Julie Lawson, Women in White: Photographs by Clementina, Lady Hawarden. National Galleries of Scotland, 1997 (Belinda Rathbone); Larry Schaaf, Records of the Dawn of Photography: Talbot’s Notebooks P & Q. Cambridge University Press, 1996 (Graham Smith); Richard Ovenden, John Thomson (1837-1921) Photographer. National Library of Scotland, 1997 (Sara Stevenson); Belinda Rathbone, Walker Evans: A Biography. London, Thames and Hudson, 1995 (Ray McKenzie); Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow: The First Years, 1996. Essay ‘Art for People’ by Julian Spalding (Ray McKenzie); Peter Galassi, American Photography 1890-1965 from the Museum of Modern Art. New York, 1995 (David Mackie).

Studies in Photography, 1996

  • William Buchanan, Snapshot of a Curator of Photography: Sara Stevenson.
  • A. D. C. Simpson, Talbot’s Photometer, or Developments before Photography.
  • Thomas Joshua Cooper: interviewed by Ray McKenzie.
  • Calum Colvin: interviewed by Ray McKenzie.
  • Robin Gillanders: in conversation with James Lawson.
  • Catriona Grant: interviewed by Sara Stevenson.
  • Owen Logan: in conversation with Julie Lawson.
  • Ron O’Donnell: interviewed by James Berry.
  • Iain Stewart: in conversation with James Lawson.
  • David Williams: digest of a conversation with James Lawson.
  • Patricia Macdonald, To Remain Dissolved: Aspects of Photography and Language. SSHoP Annual Photographer’s Lecture 1995.
  • Jinx Witherspoon Rodger, in collaboration with Brigitte Lardinois, George Rodger: A Photographic Journey from Scotland to Africa.
  • Margaret Hutchison Evatt, Grandfather Hutchison: A Victorian Photographer.
  • Reviews: Light From The Dark Room: the exhibition reviewed (William Buchanan); Light From The Dark Room: the publication reviewed (Graham Smith)

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1995 No. 1

  • Graham Smith, Talbot and Canova’s ‘The Three Graces.’
  • Michael Cassin, Seen but not Heard: Photographing Children in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
  • Norman MacDonald, Gift of Historic Photographs [by C. T. R. Wilson] to Glasgow University.
  • Reviews: Heinrich Schwarz, David Octavius Hill: Master of Photography. New York, Viking Press, 1931 (Paul Strand); Paul Strand, The World on My Doorstep, Scottish National Portrait Gallery (Robin Gillanders); Atget’s Paris, Thames and Hudson, 1992, and Atget’s Seven Albums, Yale University Press, 1992 (James Lawson); Magda Segal, London at Home. Manchester, Corner-house Publications, 1993 (Ray McKenzie); Elliott Erwitt, Between the Sexes. London, W. W. Norton, 1994 (Halla Beloff); Edward Chambré Hardman, Photographs 1921-1972. Bath, Royal Photographic Society, 1994-1995 (John Kemplay); John Blakemore, The Stilled Gaze. Zelda Cheatle Press, 1994 (Sara Stevenson); Heinz K. and Bridget A. Henisch, The Photo-graphic experience 1839-1914: Images and Attitudes. Pennsylvania State University, 1993 (Julie Lawson)

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1994 No. 2

  • Sara Stevenson, ‘Edinburgh Ale’ and ‘The Morning After.’
  • Henry C. E. Gage, The Jewish Cemeteries of Prague and Warsaw.
  • David Williams, ‘one little room … an everywhere.’
  • Reviews: Annie Leibowitz: Photographs 1970-1990, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1994 (Halla Belloff); Teresa Swiebocka, Auschwitz: A History in Photographs, Bloomington and Warsaw, 1993 (Kevin Lewis); Mood of the Moment: Masterworks of Photography from the University of St Andrews, National Museum of Scotland (Audrey Wilson); Visions of the Ottoman Empire, with essays by Christopher Ferrard, Julie Lawson, Sara Stevenson, and B. A. and H. K. Henisch, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1994 (Ray McKenzie); Bruce Bernard, Humanity and Inhumanity: The Photograpahic Journey of George Rodger. London, Phaidon Press, 1994 (Richard Ovenden).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1994 No. 1

  • Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, The Romanies of Sintesti.
  • James Berry, The Positive Identification of 19th Century Photographic Processes.
  • Reviews: Tom Ray-Jones: A Retrospective, Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh, 1994 (John Kemplay); Wilfred Thesiger’s Photographs: A ‘Most Cherished Possession.’ Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, 1993 (Richard Ovenden); Jim Henderson, Grampian (Photographers Britain). Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1993 (James Berry); David Paterson, The Highlands (Photographers Britain). Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1993 (James Berry); William Buchanan, J. Craig Annan: Selected Texts and Bibliography. Oxford, Clio Press, 1994 (Sara Stevenson).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1993 No. 2

  • R. Hamilton, John Murray (1809-1898): Pioneer Photographer in India.
  • B. A. and H. K. Henisch, Balaklava, 1854.
  • Reviews: George Washington Wilson Centenary Conference, Aberdeen, 20 March 1993; Elliott Erwitt: Personal Exposures, Royal Photographic Society, Bath, 1993 (John Kemplay); Fotofeis: Scottish International Festival of Photography, 1993. Glasgow and the South West: ‘Views from the Edge’ (Ray McKenzie; Fotofeis in Edinburgh (Graeme Gollan); Fife’s Fotofeis (James Berry).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1993 No. 1

  • James Lawson, Postscript to Fotofeis: Just One Picture.
  • Catherine A. Mooney and Thomas Joshua Cooper, Paul Strand: A Truly American Artist.
  • Norman MacDonald, Some Autochrome Plates in Glasgow University.
  • Sara Stevenson, A New Portrait of David Livingstone.
  • Reviews: The Waking Dream. Photogaphy’s First Century: Selections from the Gilman Paper Company Collection. Edinburgh City Art Centre, 1993 (Julie Lawson); Amy Rule (ed.), Carleton Watkins: Selected Texts and Bibliography. Oxford, Clio Press, 1993 (Ray McKenzie); Ian Bavington Jones, Portrait of the Tweed. A Celebration of the Borders Landscape. London, Corsall, 1992 (Milla Cameron); Bill Brandt, Photographs 1928-1983, Barbican Art Gallery, 1993 (John Kemplay); Sehsucht. Das Panorama als Massenunterhaltung des 19. Jahrhunderts [The Desire to See. The Panorama as Medium of Mass Entertainment in the 19th Century], Bonn, 1993-1994 (Stephen Lloyd); The Art of the Daguerreotype, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1993-1994.

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1992 No. 2

  • Sara Stevenson, The Rev. David Thomas Ker Drummond, 1806-1877.
  • Richard Ovenden, Recent Acquisitions of Travel Photography by the National Library of Scotland.
  • H. Baden, Mr John Fergus’ Studio at Largs, 1882.
  • Reviews: William Buchanan, The Art of the Photographer: J. Craig Annan, National Galleries of Scotland, 1992 (Ray McKenzie); Photography 1900: The Edinburgh Symposium 24-26 September 1992 (Margaret MacDonald); Robert Doisneau Retrospective, Aberdeen Art Gallery, 1992 (Robert Kemplay).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1992 No. 1

  • Audrey Linkman, A Roving Scot: Itinerant Photography in the Heart of England in the 1850s.
  • George Mason (1839-1901), Pictures in Black and White: First Picture – Old Giles.
  • Lloyd Smyth, Does the Legacy of Ceausescu still haunt Romania in the 90s?
  • Reviews: Helen Smailes, Kenneth MacLeay, 1802-1878, National Galleries of Scotland, 1992 (Sara Stevenson); Glyn Satterley, The Highland Game – Life on Scottish Sporting Estates, Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh, 1992 (Alexandra Aikman); John Blakemore, Inscape, 1991 (Sara Stevenson); Brooks Johnson et al., An Enduring Interest: The Photographs of Alexander Gardner, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia, 1991 (Julie Lawson).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1991 No. 2

  • Bahattin Oztuncay, James Robertson: A Scottish Artist in the Ottoman Capital.
  • Ruth Stirling: An Interview [with] Jane Brettle.
  • Major Halkett’s Portable Camera, 1856.
  • Reviews: Sara Stevenson, Hill and Adamson’s ‘The Fishermen and Women of the Firth of Forth, National Galleries of Scotland, 1991 (David Bruce); Venus at Home: Lee Friedlander’s Nudes, Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh, 1991 (Halla Beloff); In Our Time: The World as seen by Magnum Photographers, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, 1991 (Ray McKenzie); Jenny Aston, Without, Netherbow Centre, 1991 (Sara Stevenson); Larry Schaaf, Tracings of Light: Sir John Herschel and the Camera Lucida, San Francisco, 1989 (A. D. Morrison-Low)

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1991 No. 1

  • Graham Smith, Maida and Blanche: Talbot, Scott, and John Adamson.
  • Mike Ware, Prints of Gold: The Chrysotype Process Re-invented.
  • Julie Lawson, Frederick Bremner: A Vision of India.
  • Michael Gray, A Suggested Classification and Nomenclature for Early Positive and Negative Photographic Images on Paper.
  • Reviews: Andrew Cronshaw, Edinburgh from Old Picture Postcards, 1989 (Deborah Mays); Julie Lawson, William Donaldson Clark (1816-1873), National Galleries of Scotland, 1990 (Patricia Macdonald); Maurice Lindsay, David Bruce and Murray Johnston, Edinburgh: Past and Present, London, 1990 (Deborah Mays); Jane Carmichael, First World War Photographers, London and New York, 1989 (A. D. Morrison-Low); Alexander Kusnetsov and Alexander Kuptsov, Gulag to Gorbachev (Ray McKenzie); La Riviera de Charles Nègre, French Institute, Edinburgh (James Lawson).

Scottish Photography Bulletin, 1990 No. 2.
Special Issue in Honour of Murray Johnstone

  • David Williams, Mortonhall Crematorium, Wednesday 10 January 1990. [Murray Johnston]
  • Iain Stewart, The Greatest Gift …
  • James Lawson, Photography, and Political Economy and its Enemies.
  • Robin Gillanders, Portraiture.
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