Copies of Studies for Every Secondary School in Scotland

Thanks to the remarkable generosity of an individual sponsor we have received funding to send out a copy of  our journal ‘Studies in Photography’ to every secondary school in Scotland. The committee were busy last December packaging them in specially designed envelopes, emblazened with the message ‘Get me to the Art Department’. We have since had some excellent feedback from both from schools delivering Higher Photography

Thank you very much for the copy of your beautiful publication. It’ll be an invaluable, additional resource for the delivery of Higher Photography.

And those that don’t

Thank you very much for the beautiful Studies in Photography. Although we are not delivering Higher Photography, both myself and my colleague have used it with classes this week already and they were enthused and inspired by some of the imagery it contained.

This sponsorship has been repeated for the next issue, which we hope to send out to members early June and to schools in August.

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