Sebastian Mary Tay

Mini- Feature

These land structures are constructed from ground spices, dried herbs, flour, ice, a fog machine, and a variety of lighting. The constructing and photographing process of each image in this project take place over a period of three to seven days, with important considerations placed in the lighting and composition of each landscape structure, and in aim of uniting the vocabulary of materials into the spatial singularity of the photographic image: the landscapes provide a theatrical space where the colours manifest, and engage in dialectics amongst each other.

The colours, light, and composed landscapes consequently assemble themselves as a spatial entity in the embodiment of the fog.  The fabrications invite the viewers to embark on a journey of the imaginative, and consequently participate in the position of an admiring, contemplative being.

This work was selected as part of Futureproof 2015, the annual showcase of graduating new talent from Scotland’s photography courses.

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