Upgrading for Perth’s Collections

Perth Museum & Art Gallery’s photographic collections are benefiting from upgraded storage facilities as part of a number of improvements to selected stores.The work has been made possible thanks to funding received under the Recognition Scheme administered by Museums Galleries Scotland.

The photography collections at Perth are important for their size and quality. They contain examples of many photographic processes from the earliest Daguerreotypes and Calotypes right through to the digital photography of today.

The extensive photographic collections are now housed inside an extension to a mobile racking system providing increased capacity and dispensing with the assorted filing cabinets and shelf units which populated the store until recently. A large new work table has also been incorporated into the design, which will be ideal for staff and volunteers as they continue to improve the documentation and storage of the photographic collections.

The Recognition Scheme is a Scottish Government initiative launched in 2007 to formally recognise and help support museum collections of nationally significant material held by non-national organisations. In 2007 the entire collections of Perth Museum & Art Gallery achieved Recognition status providing access to the Recognition Fund, which aims to assist in improving access to recognised collections and collections care for such collections.

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